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What is Cross Media Marketing?

In simple terms, Cross Media Marketing campaigns are the integration of  multiple media channels into a single coordinated and measurable marketing effort that delivers relevant messages to targeted prospects.

Using data-driven personalization every aspect of a campaign can be directly targeted to every individual customer.

The advantages of Cross Media Marketing are typically increased response rates, real time monitoring and measurement of campaign results and a better Return On Investment (ROI) for the marketing dollar.

cross media marketing

The term “cross media marketing” is a mouthful, but the actual reality of what it is and what it can do for your business is certainly far from intimidating. Cross Media marketing is all about using multiple methods (channels) to get your marketing message to the people who matter the most – your target market. It involves the integration of websites, email, text messaging, direct mail, QR codes, Social Media and other available channels to market relevant messages.

It’s all about sending the right people the right message using more than one channel. Sure you can stick with a single channel, but we all realize that every channel has strong and weak points. Connecting multiple channels in a Cross Media Campaign amplifies their respective strengths and yields results that far exceed any single channel by itself. Multiple “hits” from multiple sources also serves to reinforce marketing messages.

Cross Media Marketing delivers your customized offers, graphics and messages across multiple channels and increasing the odds of a response or lead generation. Built in response tools allow real time monitoring of your campaign success enabling you to respond quickly to leads and market conditions.

A successful marketing campaign strives for a seamless, almost effortless customer experience. Getting your message to your prospects using various channels. Keeping those messages and your branding consistent and understandable. And making it easy for your prospects to contact you to inquire further or step up and make a purchase of your products or goods.

Who Should Use Cross Media Marketing?

Cross-Media marketing has been proven to be successful in many industries including retail, restaurants, healthcare, education, real estate, automotive, insurance, business services, non-profits and more.

The Bottom Line

Integrated Cross Media Campaigns provide the two key business objectives that every marketer is looking for:

            •New customer acquisition / existing customer growth

            •Quantified results and a measurable ROI for every campaign

Hall Letter Shop, Inc delivers a Cross Media Solutions enables your company to build, manage, execute and measure all aspects of your marketing efforts.