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One-to-One Marketing

The power of one-to-one marketing can be at your disposal with Variable Data Printing. No matter what your specific industry needs, we can produce personalized postcards, promotional mailers and so much more.

In one-to-one (1:1) marketing, VDP is used to customize direct marketing or marketing collateral because the text and offers can be "varied" within each separate document to best meet a customer's wants and needs.

Marketers custom-tailor highly relevant messages to each individual in a marketing campaign.

Instead of mass-producing a "static" document that will deliver just one message to 2,000 customers, for example, one-to-one marketing generates 2,000 unique documents with customized messages for each of those 2,000 people.

Variable Data Printing is done with high speed digital color printers. The finished quality of a customized, full color document is excellent, with a look and feel comparable to conventional offset.

Variable Data Printing provides endless personalizing possibilities:
  • Embedded product images specific to a customer's needs
  • Variable text specific to your client/prospect
  • Complete two-sided variability – both text and images
  • Infinite color combinations
  • Combination printing to reduce costs
  • Changing/rotating logos and graphics based on prospect data

Nationwide case studies show that more personalized direct marketing campaigns result in the highest mail response rates. This means a higher rate of return for you.

Call now and see how personalized One-to-One Marketing can make a dramatic difference in your next Direct Marketing Campaign.