Did you know?

Every time we process your list for mailing, you’re getting more than just a printed address.

Using state of the art technology, constant USPS data feeds and skilled data processing pros, we deliver these benefits for every mailing:

  • Eliminate old or non-existent addresses
  • Delete costly duplicate addresses
  • Correct address format errors
  • Make all addresses 100% deliverable
  • Update your list with new change of address information
  • Qualify for maximum postage discounts

Your Mailing is always done the right way!

Mail Data Processing

Standardize Addresses (CASS-DPV-LACS)

The first step in reducing postage cost is to make sure the address records of your mailing list are within the standards set by the U.S. Postal Service.

CASS Certified Processing

Processing your list through our CASS Certified software guarantees your addresses are fully compliant with USPS regulations for automated mail discounts. Our CASS software repairs recognizable addresses that are incorrect and standardize them to meet these USPS specifications. The proper ZIP +4 and carrier route codes are appended together with all other required USPS endorsements.


Delivery Point Validation ensures the physical delivery address actually exists. This process, required for automation discount rates began August 1, 2007.


Locatable Address Change Service—converts all rural addresses to a specific mail address destination, as opposed to the simple rural route box system.

Postal Presort

We then sort your addresses to the finest possible level for walk sequence, carrier route, automation discounts. Every mailing is optimized for the greatest possible postage savings.

National Change of Address (NCOA)

Studies show as many as 20 percent of the United States population moves every year!

New Post Office rules require that any discounted mailing must use some approved method to remove Undeliverable as Addressed (UAA) names from your list.

The easiest and most effective is the NCOA (National Change of Address) method.

NCOA processing

NCOA processing uses data updated by the U.S. Postal Service to identify individuals, families and businesses that have moved within the previous 48 months and incorporate this new information into your list to keep it current and meet all Move Update requirements. NCOA data is updated regularly and maintained by the USPS.

List Merge/Purge - Dedupe

When you find it necessary to combine two or more lists into a single list, it is very likely that duplicate addresses will result. Duplicate addresses are expensive not only because of the extra postage needed, but also because of increased printing and processing costs.


Using sophisticated software we can improve your customer database quality through the process of merging record data from separate files into one file and purging unwanted information as well as removing any duplicate records.

Not all merge/purge software and processing are the same!

Some programs delete only identical matches -- for example, "123 Elm Street" and "123 Elm Street." They might not identify "123 E. Elm St." and "123 Elm Street" as a match.

Other programs might think "37 Fulton Avenue" and "37 Fullerton Avenue" are a match when, in fact, they are two different locations.

Hall Letter Shop's cutting-edge merge/purge software standardizes and corrects all possible addresses in your lists, then creates a special merge/purge sequence to eliminate the true duplicates and keep the good addresses.

We can even identify sound-alike names ("Dennis" and "Denis," for example) at the same address and eliminate the duplicate.

We will give you reports showing precisely where duplicates appeared and what we eliminated. This is important when you are renting lists and have a "net name" arrangement with the list owner.


Another name for removing duplicate records from one or multiple lists.

Database Management

Not all mailing lists come neatly packaged in electronic form. Imagine the business cards, response pieces from past mailings and other names and addresses you have collected -- they're just waiting to receive your next promotion!

Why spend money and staff time on computer programs when you can have Hall Letter Shop maintain your mailing list, and free you to concentrate on your business.

Send your new customer names to us .We’ll create a database of those names and add them to your in-house mailing list.

We'll also standardize the address fields, remove invalid addresses, inactive customers and prospects who have not responded to your offers or have not done business with you.